The Graham F Smith Peace Foundation Incorporated

$2.00 EACH
The Peace Foundation has been working for thirty years to raise money for artists who work in all media (visual arts, performing arts, and so on) to educate the public in environmental sustainability, human rights, social justice and Aboriginal issues. There is a special interest in working with young people. The Foundation is run by volunteers -- no money goes toward the administration. We raise money using various community events, including membership fees, a lottery of artworks donated to us, a quiz night. We give a major Award and a minor Award each year to individuals or organisations who apply and are chosen by a committee as being the best at promoting these values. We also give an award to the Adelaide Fringe and SACE (South Australian Certificate of Education). We are presently doing a project called Peace Rules, promoting these philosophies to school children. We have a stall at WOMADelaide each year engaging children who can paper cranes and learn about world peace. Any money raised by the sale of Community Lottery tickets will go to artists to achieve these aims.